Painless Texting

Text360 makes your texting experience smooth and as painless as it can get by offering a web based panel to manage it all from browser.

Management Portal

Text360 Web portal offers a very user friendly panel that anybody can use with ease and does not require any tech expertise.

Smart Routing

Text360 allows users to add multiple devices and make groups so that the messages are smartly distributed among active SIMs to cut cost.

Build your brand with SMS

SMS Marketing is now one of the most important and dominant marketing strategies.
Text360 has got all the cool features that will certainly boost your sales.

Bulk SMS Packs

Text360 offers you bulk SMS packs and also SMS gateways at low price to help your marketing campaigns. We ensure your promotion texts are deliverd to their intended targets to boost your business.

Profitable Resellership

Become a reseller and create your own plans and packages to provide to your customers. Our business model allows One reseller to have unlimited number of resellers and users under him/her.

Low Tarrif

Our bulk SMS packages are very much affordable and are the best available in market. We offer many facilities to resellers and single users so that our users get the best value for their money.

SMS Gateway

Our low-latency, fault tolerant gateways ensure highest deliverability and security.

Use Your Phone as Gateway

By adding one or more devices to our system via our mobile app you can turn your phone(s) into SMS gateway. You can buy bulk SMS packs from your operator and use our web application to send and manage bulk SMS using your phone as a gateway. You can use a single device without any cost. But our affordable pricing allows our users to send bulk SMS from their phone with ease and device grouping enables smart routing to minimize cost.

Use Our Gateway

Text360 provides highly fault tolerant and low-latency SMS gateway for those who does not want to use their phone and want to create and maintain SMS marketing campaigns from the web portal. Our gateways are highly optimized and can handle heavy load and SMS failure rate it very low. Our bulk SMS packs are very much affordable and base price is low so that resellers can use our gateway to provide service to their own customers and resellers.

Get Our Android Application Now

You will need our android app to connect to your device and sync your messages in real time.