Pricing || Text360 :: Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing

In this pay as you go format, pricing per SMS is considered based on the volume of SMS you send per month.
With all plans you will receive: OTP Resellership API Android App and 1 Year Validity

0 - 10K SMS
Non-Mask 0.29/ SMS
Mask 0.65/ SMS
10K - 20K
Non-Mask 0.26/ SMS
Mask 0.62/ SMS
20K - 50K
Non-Mask 0.25/ SMS
Mask 0.58/ SMS
50K - 100K
Non-Mask 0.24/ SMS
Mask 0.55/ SMS
100K - 250K
Non-Mask 0.23/ SMS
Mask 0.52/ SMS
250K - 500K
Non-Mask 0.22/ SMS
Mask 0.50/ SMS
500K - 10 Lac
Non-Mask 0.21/ SMS
Mask 0.48/ SMS
10 Lac +
Non-Mask 0.20/ SMS
Mask 0.45/ SMS

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